Formal models and methods in cellular computing

Researchers in bioinformatics and systems biology are increasingly using mathematics and computer science models, as well as software simulations derived from these formal models. The general goal of these investigations is to understand inter- and intra-cellular processes, as well as the complexity of  molecular interactions. Continuing the successful reseach work done during the last years, this project intends to obtain new results in membrane computing, as well as in membrane systems implementation, and their applications in biological processes. It will be introduced and it will be studied the cellular metaprogramming as a principle of cell activity and coordination. Cellular metaprogramming paradigm allows dynamic execution modification as well as various customizatios including new run-time structures, changing the behaviour, going up and down in a tower of metalevels by using a reflection mechanism. Some research efforts will be devoted to find the theoretical limitations of cell activity provided by results in model theory. It will be realized an algebraic model of the mechanisms for genetic messages transmission, and we will use the categorical and homological methods from higher-dimensional automata in our models. We will refine molecular networks models, trying to simulate as realistic as possible the biological fenomena. We will also use knowledge and programming paradigms in computer networks and communicating processes. The software implementations could replace some expensive lab experiments.

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Formal models and methods in cellular computing

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CNCSIS 1426/2005

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Gabriel Ciobanu


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Consiliul National al Cercetarii Stiintifice din Invatamantul Superior (CNCSIS)


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